My experience with fossasia

Hi there!

Today I want to share with you my experienc about Fossasia (Website) and what I think I can do with Fossasia in the Future.

But first I want to tell you how I heared about Fossasia, this was through the Google Code-In 2016 Contest (Website) which was a really great experience for me.

But first sth about me:

My Name is Christian and I live in Germany. I develope apps and programms since I am 9 years old. The first programming language I was learning was phyton. So I started early to developing things and learning cool things about the PC. My first proramm was a list for the telephone nummbers of my hold class so I don´t need everytime I want to call somebody to look at the list. Than I started at the age of 11 to learning cool things about my mobile phone specially about Android and that it is open source and because of this it gives so many custom roms. This was my first experience with Open-Source technology.Since there I have a custom rom on my phone (for example on my S1 CM13) and had since there never the problem that I have a too old version of android on my phone ;) What I learned so? That it is important for us to have as much as possible open source technology so you can do what you want and not just what a company want from you. But also that we need if for our security because so much more developers can search for bugs and fix them. (because of this android have today really less security pproblems (less than apple :D ))

What I did already with Fossasia?

Now that was how I came to some open source technolgy, learned how important open source and now since I work with the GCI 2016 I also work and become a part of the developers which work with OpenSource things. For example I did some changes at the Website of the AI Susi (Website) like the footer,the download button in the navbar, the meta tags and some comments so you will understand the html code easier ;)

But I want also to make the website better for mobile phones so I want to make a responsive design like I did it for this website.

What are other Fossia Prohjects which I can and want to work in the Future:

  • First I want to do much more with the AI Susi so for example just not to do something with the Website I want also to use the AI in the future
  • Loklak with this tool I want to analyze in the Future some data from twitter etc. so I can better now what is in the trends or if much people like some apps from me ;)
  • Word Press Plugins I think I will try in the future much more out with wordpress so I will also try the word press plugins from Fossasia ;)

Christian S. 07.01.2017