My Google Code-In Blog:

Open Source for everybody

As a part of the GCI 2016 Programm i learn a lot about open source technique. This i want to present you, but also how many open source you have in your daily routine and what fossasia has to do with open source technique and somethings from fossasia that you can easy use.

My interesst in the Fosasia Community

As a part of the GCI 2016 Programm i did a lot with the Fosasia Community and learned a lot about it. My new knowledge about it and where I see my future in this Community I want to share here with you

My first blog with pure html

This is my new Blog which I will use for tasks from the Google Code-In 2016 Programm (Website) I think most posts will be about some tasks from Fossas (Website) wich is an non-profit organization that support open-source developers and makers of free and open hardware.